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Hey Fraggles! Send in your photos of you in FraggleLox gear, and be featured on the site!

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Nourish Your Inner Muppet...

Tank the Muppet

Welcome to the fragglicious network for cartoon hairpieces! These unique hairpieces will transform anyone who so wishes into a cartoon character or equally fantabulous person. My name is Tank, and I'll be the one poinking you in the head while you're here.


FraggleLox.. is closed! Sorry folks, but for now, we've had to move on to bigger and more 'interactive' types of art.

If you'd like to follow up on what Tank is up to next, check out

Featured Fraggle

"Shuki" - Our first customer! She always dresses up in full gear to wear her FraggleLox, and we've done many functions with her. Read More...


Enjoy the site!