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Hey Fraggles! Send in your photos of you in FraggleLox gear, and be featured on the site!

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Welcome to FraggleLox, a place to create your ideal surreal image. We specialize in making custom wigs and hairpieces, in cartoon-like styles.

Over the years, FraggleLox has participated in Anime Central '05, Haircon, and several runway shows including Cyberoptix, and XNX Designs. Modeling portfolio can be found at One Model Place. Contact us if you have an event or modeling opportunity you wish FraggleLox to be a part of!

The Product

The hairpieces sold on this site are synthetic dreads that are SUPER lightweight and easy to attach. They are handmade with love from 100% wool fibres in nearly every color. They come in a variety of lengths and styles.
To learn more about hairpiece options, visit the Lox page.

About the creator

Tank is currently based in Melbourne, living the life of a circus artist. She is a classically trained dancer who is also learning aerial dance (trapeze) and acrobatics.

"I have been developing this method of hair creation for years now... and the company is reaching out to new places all the time. I am dedicated to preserving my client's trust and satisfaction, and it is my hope to bring many people absurdly bouncy hairdos."


If you would like to place an order, please go to the Ordering section.