Worn Wild - Alternative Designers Market

A whole day of Alternative shopping and gawking, with some performances to boot!

In the picture above, Tank helps GeoMythik, the organizer of the event, to prep one of the performers for her next show. FraggleLox had a little show-booth at this miraculous event, and even sold out of our promo items! Hopefully the FraggleLox name has been given a good introduction into the Melbourne scene! Look for us at the next Worn Wild, as it will be happening bi-annually.

Anime Central 2005

FraggleLox branches out to the Anime Central Convention in Chicago, IL. We purchased a booth, sold hair, clothing and accessories, and hopped around taking pictures!

We named our accessory line "Pittari", meaning a perfect fit in Japanese. We sold feathery hair clips, handmade bracelets, reversible kitty hats, yarn falls, and a couple of specialty wigs. Also, we had a first run of FraggleLox/Pittari clothing, with crop tops, teeshirts, and more original pieces!

The convention was a huge success, as we sold out of virtually everything by the end of the three day run! Thanks to all who participated in helping with the booth, and thanks to all our happy customers!


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