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Change your look in minutes

Fast, easy and adaptable, a single or pair of falls can be your best friend! Just secure your hair into a bun, and slip the dreads over the top of it... instant Fraggle'Do!

Falls can come in three lengths: Pixie, Medium, and Long.
Pixie are the shortest available. They are spikey and poseable, and tremendous fun!
Meduim reach from between chin to shoulder length. They are normally layered to add variety.
Long reach down to mid-back, but can be made longer by request. They can be tied together very easily, allowing for different creative styles!

Each fall is mounted on a mesh bun cover, and has clips sewn in to ensure that the wearer can put them in easily.

Pixie Falls: $55 each, $90 pair
Medium Falls: $60 each, $110 pair
Long Falls: $75 each, $130 pair