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Included colors


Variety of Styles

FraggleLox can make any wig, in any style, in any colors. Really! If you can dream it, we can do it.

Wig pricing can range from $80-$350, depending on the complexity of the style. Average quotes for wigs are around $200, though.

Email us with your idea!

Here are a couple of examples that we have done in the past:

Deluxe Wig - FraggleLox's signature wig, including over 200 dreads! Comes with short bangs in the front, and layers on all sides. Can be made shoulder length, or extra long.

Basic Wig - A simpler verion of the deluxe wig, for a more affordable cost. Includes less dreads, and is easily styleable.

A-Line/Short Wig - Spikey and punk-like, this wig is a great easy way to change your look! Example shown is a two-color wig with long bangs in the front. We can make these up to any specification.

Pigtail Wig - An anime pigtail style, pre-sewn in shape! Can include bangs in the front, in any length.