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A look that will stay gorgeous 24/7

If you're in the market for some creative hair that will stay in all the time, and take virtually no effort to style, then extensions are an excellent option. They are semi-permanent, and will stay looking fresh and manicured in any situation.

Extensions are attatched to normal hair by a special method of braiding. Natural hair must be at least 2 inches long, and can be as long as waist length! The braiding process will not damage the hair greatly, as the extensions can be removed and the hair combed out at any time.

A set of extensions will normally last for 1-3 months, depending on how fast the client's hair regrowth is.

FraggleLox offers either seperate extension sets, or a package deal of both the hair and an installation. If you are located nearby to us, we can schedule a braiding session for you!

We also offer installation service of third-party dreads. So, if you've already got a set of dreads, even if it's not from us, we can still put them in for you!

The prices listed here are for wool dreads. We have done some orders for synthetic hair dreads in the past, but only on special request. If you'd like to inquire further, email us!

Some examples of work we have done:

Dread Pricing

Short: $1 per dread, $1.50 2-color
Medium: $2 per dread, $2.50 2-color
Long: $3 per dread, $3.50 2-color

Installation Pricing

Mohawk: $50
Half-Head: $70
Full Head: $100